Sea Wind Cruise

Designed in traditional style, Sea Wind Cruise is one of the Superior Cruises in Halong Bay. Equipped with modern amenities, operated with well-trained and experienced crew, supported by professional Sales Team, owning 11 specious cabins suitable for medium groups, an enjoyable trip is waiting for your discovery.

The Sea Wind Cruise offers 11 specious cabins with in door bath room equipped with modern facilities. The Sea Wind Cruise is well equipped with modern facilities such as A/C, hot water, indoor bath rooms, composite kayaks…Plus to that the Sea Wind has experienced and well-trained staffs are appreciated to serve you.

Food & Dining
The restaurant, bar & reception are on second floor is equipped with 29000 BTU air-con and can serve 40 people. The playing ground on Sea Wind is 35 sqm and right in the front of the restaurant area. There are corridors on both side of the lower floor and the second floors.

Entertainment & Activities
On the top deck passengers will find 15 sunbathing chairs & 7 rocking-chairs. This is a perfect place for relax and watching Sun Set.