Activities in Halong Bay

Activities in Halong Bay

Top Activities in Halong Bay

Activities in Halong Bay Enjoy reading on sundeck lounge chairs with the light breeze and spectacular bay view, relax at cozy bar for a glass of champagne while having an opportunity talking to our friendly staff or listening to romantic background music.

A pleasant ambiance, attentive staff and great views make restaurant the perfect place to sample the exotic delights of Vietnamese cuisine. Guests can look forward to lavish international brunch, casual, sit-down lunches of Vietnamese dishes, and formal dinners with delectable cuisine.

Beach Visit Opportunity to get to the beach, swimming or hike up for a nice bay view.

Fishing Village Visit

Visit the floating village in the afternoon with exciting way of life. You will be able to view the seafood being farmed, have the opportunity to buy some, and have it prepared for you free-of-charge on the boat.

Grotto Visit

All tours include at least one cave visit in the price of the tour. The two most popular caves in Halong Bay are the Dragon Cave and the Surprising Cave. You won’t know beforehand which cave you will see – that decision is made on the boat.

Kayaking on the World Heritage Site

All the cruises bring kayaks and, weather and tides permitting; stop to let passengers paddle around. Sometimes the opportunity to kayak through one of the tunnel cave systems will present itself. Other times passengers are simply expected to paddle in circles around the boat – not surprisingly the caves and tunnels are far more interesting.

Cooking classes (On request)

Learn more about the ingredients and techniques used to create mouth watering Vietnamese dishes.

Wedding Parties (On request)

Celebrate in style, specially designed itinerary for the ideal place to say “I do”.